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Thread: Harry and Megan not welcome in Canada?

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    Personally I don't care what they do , if the media just left them alone instead of speculating a new head line every day it may be would not have come to this
    There are more important things happing in Australia & the world that would make better headlines than what they may or may not be doing. I noticed that once they made there announcement our fires moved to half way down the page & the Royals mover to the top of the page & have been there since , even the storms in Qld & Vic didn't make to the top.
    Well that's my tilt on it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Johndoe View Post
    Harry is not the first young man to give it all away for a pretty lady.
    Are you thinking of Edward VIII who wanted Wallis Simpson more than he wanted the throne of England?

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