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Thread: Corona Virus

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    Quote Originally Posted by Red90 View Post
    It is coming. The rise in UK cases started about the beginning of September ago and the rise in deaths started in the middle of September. There is around a two week lag in the shape of the two trends. The case rate has tripled in the last three weeks and the death rate will follow suit most likely.
    "CASE" rate ? Is that a PCR - Positive result ? Or is a "CASE" someone so unwell they're whisked off to hospital ? Don't forget, the rate of testing has stepped up...

    Which is approaching the start of their FLU season, (a corona virus), so no surprise that THIS corona virus is champing at the bit. Yes, it will come back, hopefully not as savage. - It's already taken out the weakest in health !

    Once again, need to discriminate between dying OF or WITH SARS-cov-2, a.k.a. covid-19 or... big "OR" some of those unfortunate demises may well be influenza. Both the UK and US have been guilty at times of combining covid. Even if not proven but only 'reasonably suspected' (without testing...)

    Official figures can be massaged to whatever you want to prove.
    Good case was 2020 First Quarter Respiratory Deaths in England & Wales, the 5-year average is 27,xxx but this year, even adding the covid-19 to the mix, total mortality was 25,xxx. Or, Covid SAVED 2,000 lives !
    Not only but also, the weird thing is.... "Influenza" deaths in UK and Europe are markedly lower than previous years. - That's tested / proved 'flu infections.

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    The first case of re-infection in Australia?

    Coronavirus reinfection: Victoria could have found its first case
    Iím pretty sure the dinosaurs died out when they stopped gathering food and started having meetings to discuss gathering food

    A bookshop is one of the only pieces of evidence we have that people are still thinking

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