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Thread: Complimentary Wheel Chairs at Bunnings

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    Complimentary Wheel Chairs at Bunnings

    Actually... let’s have a look at the law:
    This document has the definition of the Scooter

    Under section 79 of the Transport Operations (Road Use Management) Act 1995 (Qld) (TORUM), any person who, while under the influence of liquor or a drug drives a motor vehicle, train or vessel (or attempts to put in motion or is in charge of a motor vehicle, tram, train or vessel) is guilty of an offence.

    The maximum penalty under this section (provided the person does not have any previous convictions) would be 28 penalty units or up to 9 months’ imprisonment. If a person does have previous convictions within the relevant 5 year period, the maximum penalties increase.

    Whilst a car is a very simple example of a motor vehicle, one might wonder whether a motorised scooter meets the definition of “motor vehicle”.

    What makes this interesting for traffic lawyers, is that the definition of “motor vehicle” as contained in the TORUM legislation is as follows:

    “motor vehicle” means a vehicle propelled by a motor that forms part of the vehicle, and—

    (a) includes a trailer attached to the vehicle; but

    (b) does not include a motorised scooter, a personal mobility device or a power-assisted bicycle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by V8Ian View Post
    And electric skateboards, sedgway et al, basically any motorized or wheeled vehicle.
    Personal experience?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Epic_Dragon View Post
    congratulations on NDIS!! I was recently accepted on it too!!! I hope your electric wheelchair is sooner than you think They look fab! I have a mate with the top one.Super cool with flames! I preferred the mobility scooter as the power chair I was a bit uncomfy on and it made me dizzy, house has been an issue as scooter as you say, does not fit, but I have a manual wheelchair coming with a smart drive to power it and push for me. Currently have a wheelchair on loan but self propel is a struggle as have upper body disabilities as well as legs. There are so many cool mobility devices these days, it is wonderful My trusty landie will be having some different modifcations done to assist me to keep driving as well.
    The NDIS still has bureaucracy once accepted after your planning meeting. My co-ordinator is going to get me a loan wheel chair organised. re getting mods done to vehilces the NDIS will fund some mods but it is only to newer vehicles i believe. Not some thing that we can afford

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    If the horse is proven to know the way home, it can be classed as the designated driver evidently Complimentary Wheel Chairs at Bunnings most do know the way home from anywhere haha.

    I think the ndis rule on cars older than 10yo needs to change as most cannot afford such a new car, or simply do not want one.and should be able to access mods for vehicles of their choice. They also assume that the disabled are not car people and don't have classics they wish to drive as their plan goals. Still though, without them there's no way to get funding for the needed things like the wheelchairs which cost a fortune Complimentary Wheel Chairs at BunningsComplimentary Wheel Chairs at Bunnings

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