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I have had to buy a 4g Dongle and data SIM because my ADSL 2+ in the CBD of Brisbane is so unreliable. They appear not to be fault monitoring ADSL in the CBD where the NBN is. The ADSL issue had again been bounced from a Level 1 'tech' to the Level 2 team in Townsville...close to 2 days and nothing from them...but wow if I pay another fee per month I can avoid spending 2 hours on the phone to India each time the ADSL goes down before I get to the Level 2 team in Australia...I can get the L2 team quicker. Unbelievable. If that isn't an admission that their customer care is tragic even for small business (that Telstra was built on) i don't know what is. Have lodged a complaint with Telsra. Dont really have the time to follow it up but should really take it to the ACCC.


Either ACCC or the Telecommunications Ombudsman. Usually a bit of a faff & a wait in between actions (by law apparently) but here the Electrical Ombudsman sorted AGL out for us & boy did they need that sorting out. AGL even gave us a refund for the Inconvenience.

A hollow victory no doubt, but you can bet your balls their Magic all singing, all dancing, Digital Meters will have some way of clawing it back into their coffers. A little bit here & a little bit there, "those silly old bastards won't know".

But at least you will have put something concrete into the system to start the ball rolling.

ED. Ours was all done over the phone so maybe you don't have to be grilled in a soundproof office.