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    Going through some photo's today found this photo of my Falcon 1ton work ute , it was a great ute I was traveling 100,000k's trouble free a year in it all over Qld with between 1/2 to 1 ton load. DSCN4349.jpgDSCN4350.jpg

    I also found this photo of my fathers S3 at Double Island Point , I am on the right looking at the photo , the guy with me had never been fishing before & he was the only one to catch a fish all weekend big enough to feed four adults. It was a very wet weekend , rained the whole time we were there. DSCN4352.jpg

    This last photo is of a diesel station engine I had that was seized , I got it going & pasted it on to a collector. DSCN4351.jpg

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    Didn't realize there were so many of them. And these are only the cars that I have owned and driven on the road. There's a few others that only ever saw a race track (mainly GTR Torana's and Ford Escorts) plus another collection of "work" vehicles which were not personally owned by me. These included mostly Toyota Land Cruisers, Prados (have had 7 of them), Hi-luxes, one Nissan Patrol, a couple of Falcons, a Commodore ute and a Holden Astra. There was also a Hi-ace van that I had as an oversize load Pilot Vehicle when I was doing that for a couple of years - that was my highest ever km vehicle with over one million km on the clock when I finally sold it and bought the Ford F100 (which was also intended for use as a Pilot Vehicle but was never used as such.

    First car - HA Vauxhall Viva bought on King Island. Ended up painted in a Ford purple and had a Brabham Torana motor and gearbox dropped into it after I blew up the original motor when I smashed the sump on a bloody wombat.
    1 Viva.jpg
    Second car - Mini Cooper - also bought on King Island and had this at the same time as the Vauxhall - it was much more fun to drive.
    2 Mini.jpg
    Third car - Holden HD Premier Wagon
    3 HD Premier Wagon.jpg
    1966 Pontiac Laurentian with a 389ci V8 and a two speed automatic transmission. Just like driving a barge.
    4 Pontiac Laurentian 66.jpg
    Ford XW GTHO - wish I still had this one.
    5 XW GTHO Falcon.jpg
    FB Holden Panel Van - painted black / gold with interior done up by Father In Law who was at the time in charge of the upholstery shop at GMH Elizabeth Plant in SA. Had a 307 Chev V8 fitted with 4 speed manual transmission and diff out of a wrecked SLR Torana - but never got around to upgrading steering or brakes. Went like a scalded cat in a straight line but drove like a pig otherwise, and really didn't want to stop.
    6 FB Holden Panel Van.jpg
    FB Holden Station Wagon - used to buy FB wrecks and build a decent car out of 2 or three of them and sell them. I kept this one, as the colour and "standard" looks meant that the coppers left me alone - a bit of a break from the attention the van used to attract.
    7 FB Holden Station Wagon.jpg
    1969 Toyota Crown - was blue originally but I painted burgundy / red and drove it from Adelaide to Merredin WA when we first moved to the west.
    8 Toyota Crown 69.jpg
    1972 Toyota Crown - streets ahead of anything Australian made at the time. We had 3 of these in our wedding procession - mine (white), a green one and a mustard yellow one. Always wanted to buy a 2 door one of these, but could never find one for sale.
    9 Toyota Crown 72.jpg
    Holden HQ Wagon
    11 HQ Holden Wagon.jpg
    Valiant VC V8 Sedan
    12 VC Valiant VIP.jpg
    Ford Transit Camper Conversion
    13 Ford Transit Camper.jpg
    Range Rover Classic 2 Door
    14 Range Rover Classic 2 door.jpg
    VL Commodore - one of only 2 cars I have ever bought brand new. Got rid of the Range Rover in Alice Springs (it really didn't like the hot climate and I could never trust it on long trips) and bought the Commodore from the local Holden dealership.
    15 VL Commodore.jpg
    VN Commodore Berlina Wagon - bought this one in Kalgoorlie - it was an ex Gold Squad Police vehicle and had a few surprises under the bonnet.
    16 VN Berlina Wagon.jpg
    Ford F100 Ranger - unusual vehicle because it was fitted with a Chev V8 diesel. Is still kicking around Kalgoorlie today, though it looks quite a bit different these days.
    17 Ford F100 Ranger.jpg
    Discovery 1 V8 - bought privately in Kalgoorlie. Was a very well maintained example, but unfortunately I could never trust the engine in it. While it never actually gave me any trouble, it ran even hotter than the Rangie that I had previously got rid of in Alice Springs, and to me was not worth the risk in the climate we live in.
    18 Discovery 1.jpg
    Discovery 2 tD5 - bought from the Kalgoorlie Land Rover dealership before it shut down. Could never fault this thing. My son eventually bought it from me, and I believe it might still be in the hands of another member of this forum in Adelaide.
    19 Discovery 2.jpg
    And the current limo ..........
    20 Discovery 4.jpg

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