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Thread: Beards?

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    Quote Originally Posted by vnx205 View Post
    Mine looked like this in 2017.
    Attachment 161320
    I have trimmed it a few times since then.
    Ho, ho, ho, you'd be popular lateish December. I'm not inferring that you're not popular at other times.
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    I haven't trimmed for a year. Now the oldest son has started calling me Gandalf.
    Just let it grow. Itching stops after a few weeks.
    I recommend you go for a full Ned Kelly look. You can also buy Ned Kelly pies and red wine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hogarthde View Post
    but you do need panache and elan to carry it , --


    Yep,, those are the exact words used around me....
    "How long since you've visited The Good Oil?"

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    My twin brother spent 1970 in Antarctica, didn't take a razor, and hasn't shaved since. In 1987 I took long service leave and sailed from Melbourne to NQ and back, and haven't shaved since.

    With this pandemic going, I am only going into town about every three weeks instead of once a week, and have not been near a barber since early March. Consequently, my beard is flourishing as never before.

    I am contemplating getting a haircut next time I go to town, but I think I like the beard as it is, so I won't get it cut. Maybe a minimal tidy, but running a comb through it is probably enough.

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    Have been bearded for over 40 years.
    Give it a tidy up with a beard trimmer every week or so.
    Also gets a daily dose of beard oil to keep it soft and sexily scented, and less scratchy.
    A beard comb or beard brush also keeps it tidy.

    Being hirsute everywhere, the trimmer gets fitted with the wide blade once a month for an all over mow, including a tidy up of the downstairs beard.

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    In the Navy [ great name for a song] You must request to cease shaving, and after two weeks those who have been granted permission are inspected. From that point you are either told to shave off [ wishful thinkers] or to carry on. It used to be the beard must not be trimmed, and must remain natural.

    sailors with beards - Bing images
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    1982 and 2019!Hope you can differentiate?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pedro_The_Swift View Post
    Yep,, those are the exact words used around me....
    Hmmm, I heard other words used too...

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    So. Saitch.....Jesus Christ super star , or Hair ?

    in the 1982 one I mean

    The latter photo ? just a normal fisherman

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    I started growing a beard the day I left defence nearly 8 years ago. It was a glorious day!

    I met my partner in defence and we have been together since I left, so she isn't and has never been keen on it. Our kids love it though and get upset if interim it back too far.

    I don't notice the itching so much anymore, I do notice you scratch through it more often when it is short.

    Come September though, things may have to change again. The beard may have to go into hiding for a few years. Not looking forward to those days!

    For the sake of your manly hood, I'd go a beard and push through all the little annoyences.
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