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Thread: Perth's Freeway

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    An ant trail has better flow than vehicular traffic as each ant considers itself part of the flow and behaves to the benefit of the flow.
    Drivers don't always see them selves as part of the flow and behave to their benefit, not the benefit of the traffic stream.

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    Sounds like the southbound entrance to the Bruce Highway on the Sunshine Coast opposite the northbound exit to Steve Irwin Way and Australia Zoo.
    The scene is dual lane southbound motorway traffic doing 110kmh and the posted speed limit on the southbound entrance road is only 100 kmh, so there's a problem to start with.
    Most of the entrance road has trees blocking the view of the motorway, so you can't see the traffic roaring down on you at 110kmh until there is a left curve just before reaching the motorway doing 100kmh.
    There you discover the final section of the entrance road after the turn is too short to safely stop in if doing the posted 100kmh ramp speed and you lose courage, plus the vehicle behind would ram up your bum anyway.
    So it goes like this:
    Foot flat to the floor on the entrance road and around the curve, with blinker on.
    Probably discover a line of semis or cars roaring down on you at 110kmh with few, if any, gaps
    Its too late to safely stop because of the short remaining entrance road, so just take a deep breath and barge out into the traffic at 100kmh.
    Perth's  Freeway
    See truck drivers justifiably swearing as they hit the brakes behind you.
    Perth's  Freeway
    Pray, and hopefully be able to wave to apologise and thank the driver behind for letting you in.
    Perth's  Freeway
    This is a particulaly interesting experience when towing the camper, which doubles our length.
    Possible answers? Cut down the trees or lengthen the entrance road (or both).
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