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Thread: Finally a decent mousetrap....

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    My old man had one of these years ago, can get 4 at once best I saw was 3.

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    Last night's effort. The bait was peanut butter under a strip of stockingIMG_7898.jpg The bugger has been sniffing around the BBQ and table on the verandah lately.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gav 110 View Post
    Me brother uses bacon with a beer bottle for rats
    If you can set up a beer bottle on the edge of a bucket of water (neck above the bucket) with a ramp up to stabilise the bottle and allow access for the rats
    Put the bacon inside the bottle neck and when the rats step out on the bottle neck to get to the end they slip into the bucket
    We do this out at the property.The record was 55 mice in one night in a mouse plague.We put water in the bucket,or they jump out.They drown pretty quickly.

    If using break back traps I tie a piece of bacon or ham on with fishing line,usually gets them every time.

    Our dog gets most of the rats and mice around the place here,but we never use bait anymore.
    We learnt the hard way,we had rats in the cieling,and put some bait up there. The rats took the bait down the wall under the house,where it was eaten by possums,which killed them.Cant use bait with the dog around either.

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    We had a mice problem in our last Defender when after a really hard downpour one night beside a beach, I kept thinking I saw movement out of the corner of my eye. Just a quick blur, never an actual sight of something. So we put a bit of cheese and a cracker in a plastic container on the floor behind my seat and sure enough it had gone by the morning.
    I got talking to an old chap with a motorhome next day at a camp site and he lent me a trap the type I'd never seen before. It's made of 50mm square tube about 250 mm long bent near the middle with doors each end. One opens to put the bait in and the other is opened and supported on 2 legs so the tube is resting on them. When the mice go in the tube tips up and the door closes as soon as the legs leave the ground when they go the bait end. Mice can't open the door when they try to get out the way they got in because their weight keeps it closed.
    I checked it the next morning yes I could feel the weight and hear something scrabbling about. Opened the door and 2 of the little beasts jumped out and straight into a clump of spinifex.
    I now keep one in the van all the time just in case.

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    Well, we have three chooks, in a pen with a dirt floor. I noticed a couple of holes around the outside. So, got the hose, filled the holes up with water. About four or five mice came out, went into the chook pen. The chooks went wild, ripped the mice apart, and ate them. Never seen that before. I will not turn my back on those chooks again.
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    Quote Originally Posted by theelms66 View Post
    I bought one of these feeders for our chooks, haven't seen any mice or rats or poo for months .best thing is I now save on feed as well.
    Regards Pas.

    See this about how to make an auto chicken feeder, using a bucket and an eye bolt, the relevant part is about 35 mins into the show.

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