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Thread: Beware of creating so called amusing personal plates

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    The UK system has changed several times due to the number of vehicle registrations per year.
    Was 1 letter & 1 number.
    Then 2 letters and up to 4 numbers
    Then 3 letters 3 numbers
    Then 3 letters, 3 numbers and a letter denoting the year of registration.
    I've lost track since I left 22 years ago.

    With the 3 letters I'm sure the last 2 gave the County of registration.
    I used to run Austin Somersets and people in the Austin Counties Car Club used to carry on if they had a Somerset with Somerset registration ! You thought Land Rover owners were anal .......

    Registration stays with the vehicle but you can transfer it, early plates are worth big money.
    Many years ago Fiona Richmond ( soft porn star) had the rego FU 2 and I remember seeing a 6 wheel Rangie with the rego ORG 69.
    Jimmy Tarbuck had COM 1 C on his Rolls Royce.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ronski View Post
    Well, I have to share this one. In a moment of creativity, I decided to get personal plates with something funny.
    So here they are, called 'No Plates'. How we laughed, and many commented that it was original and funny.

    Attachment 165582

    Then the present nightmare began, who would have thought. It seems that some individuals like to park in places and don't want to pay. To achieve this, they have come up with the idea to simply remove their number plates to avoid getting a parking fine. As I have discovered it's really becoming a popular practice.

    Now, If you know what's coming, the plates are not so funny. Good old parking inspector/ranger/cops, who slink around looking for expired parking tickets and get an instant hard on when they find one, and rush to fill out the ticket to shove under the wiper before getting caught by soon to be very upset owner, who just ducked in to get a drink....honest! officer dribble.

    So what do they do when they see that the vehicle has no number plates? they write in the space titled; rego. number... 'no plates'.
    Here are a couple of examples.

    Attachment 165583

    Attachment 165584

    Yes, even a motorcycle....

    I know that common sense is long a thing of the past, but seriously, some idiot has just looked at the infringement and where it say's, 'no plates', so what if the vehicles are all different, and actually have no plates attached....WTF. An online check comes up with my plates...BINGO. we've found the culprit.

    To date, I have received over 20 parking fines in the last few months with threatening legal action if the fines are not paid. $65.00 x 20 so far...That's $1,300.00, Oh, and the W.A. threat of me losing my drivers license if fines are not paid.. BRING IT ON.......I'm sure a Magistrate in a court of law would see the stupidity of all this. Might even be a fun day.

    Several calls to Wil*** parking and numerous emails just fell on deaf ears, so in the hands of a lawyer for now and I'm almost looking forward to a day in court.

    So, in summery, beware, you may think it's funny at the time, but we have to allow for complete stupidity from those who extort money from us.

    Maybe the Media might find it amusing.....hmmm.
    Great post and you are not the first person to have this issue. A youtube channel I sub to has a just about word for word story, in the U.S the word on tickets used is NULL, watch the vid and cheers for sharing your dilemma

    "Null" License Plate Nightmare - Ep. 5.439 - YouTube

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