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Thread: $ 2million worth of cattle reported stolen from Murranji Station, NT.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PhilipA View Post
    With the ear tag tracing system now in force, I would doubt that someone could have over 1000 cattle without RFDS tags slaughtered without someone noticing.

    I wonder if there were always 1000 fewer cattle.

    Regards PhilipA
    On the other side I recall a discussion with the NSW Director general or Agriculture where I opined that the tag system would stop rustling to which he replied thathe wished that his cattle weren't being stolen.
    You can see a tag on one of the second row cattle ( and on the ones in the first row now I look closer) but they all should have one when branded.
    Agree something doesn’t add up.......

    I cannot remember how it works, my grazier mate did explain years ago.

    It would depend how often they muster.

    Who ever took them would have troubles with paper work for tagging.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hogarthde View Post
    Having lived on and worked on bovine farms from 1946 till now., I must be full of it;

    the good luck I mean 🐂


    Have you checked the soles of your boots in case it overflowed Dave? The **** I mean.

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    I am a married man Des, in it anyway🤕

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