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Thread: My nightmare with the NDIS process.

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    I hope the lift isn't far away My nightmare with the NDIS process.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Epic_Dragon View Post
    I hope the lift isn't far away My nightmare with the NDIS process.
    its made but getting it from Canada now this delay.
    got this email today, it got travel the world 1st,

    [the lift parts are ready to leave - we were booked on a flight on the 13th and were bumped,
    We have an new booking for this weekend however with the freight issues at the moment we are having to go thru a Europe route,
    The lift is booked to go thru Doha then to Melbourne, the cargo will be off loaded in Doha and then re loaded for a Melbourne flight,
    There is currently no direct flights into Australia, we are hoping there wont be to many delays in Doha.
    I will send you an email as soon as we have the confirmed landing date into Melbourne.

    The issue is the size of the freight and limited cargo space on airlines with backed up consignments due to covid restrictions around the world.
    We are working to get the parts here as soon as possible.

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    Aussies rock sir

    I know what you mean yet remember clearly the 80s over aids, Beer strikes Kings Cross QLD corupt ...... Gay bashing...... Cold WAR Threats of Armageddon.... and other little things like that. 70's Dismissal by Mr Kerr...

    Same coat just a different time Mario and Heather. Chin up Mate

    Ship or plane from Canada. Pump some iron and get fit mate. Mates from Perth and QLD keep torturing me with Pics of FISH the rotten sods. Add -Your secret gummy bait needs another test run

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