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Thread: If you want something done properly....

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    If you want something done properly....

    My roof gutters were well and truly overdue for cleaning; since my back surgery I can still do them myself but then I can't sleep or stand up straight for a week afterwards. I called two different mobs for a quote on cleaning the roof gutters on my house, carport (which extends across the width of the rectangular house at one end) and my shed which is about 14 meters long and 4 meters high at the gutters.
    Got two quotes. The first bloke, with a vacuum cleaner, looked on Google Earth and rang me with a price, I told him I didn't want them just vacuumed, they would have to be washed out and thoroughly cleaned. He got back to me again with an outlandish quote.
    Second bloke, came past and looked at the job. I told him they had to be washed out thoroughly as we drink off these roofs. He gave me a quote I thought was quite reasonable. I accepted. Messaged me to say he would come today so I got out this morning and put covers over the downpipes to keep the rinsings out of the tanks.
    Bloke and his lady came about 10am, were here for about 2 hours which I thought was very quick. When he came I told him where to attach his hose for bore water rather than use our tank water for washing them out. I was working in the shed, he came and told me he was all done so I paid him and continued what I was doing. When I came in for lunch, I was surprised to see everything dry, got up and had a look at the house gutters and sure enough they have not been washed out as agreed- quite grotty in fact. Looked like they were just blown out.
    I called him and said I was disappointed, we had agreed the gutters were to be washed out. He said he would come back and make it right. Was back within the hour.
    I said to him that I had been very clear when he quoted that the gutters were to be thoroughly washed out. He explained that he doesn't like to make them wet as it caused rust. (yes we are talking about the rain gutters on a roof).
    Anyway he comes back after a little while into the shed where I was operating machinery (so could not hear what he had been doing) and tells me it is all done now, explains again how he doesn't like to leave them wet because of rust. I did not bite.
    Finished what I was doing and came out of the shed- everything is suspiciously dry. Got up on the shed roof and confirmed that on his second visit he has hosed out the house roof and ignored the shed and carport.
    Lots of wonderful testimonials on their website. Won't be having them back here for mowing, dog washing, orthopaedic surgery or anything else they may have a finger in. About to get up on the roof to do the job properly myself. As usual. Needed somewhere to vent first.
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    Sounds like the bloke I had, also does house inspections to a similar standard

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    Complain to Head Office.
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    I just can't be fagged with a complaint process, I don't want them back doing a grudging follow-up, it's just another reminder why I tend to do everything myself. I often ask myself am i being difficult, i really don't think so- I just know what a good job is in most cases and know when a good job hasn't been done. So sick of being stuffed around by people who either don't turn up when they say or don't do what they agreed to.
    About the only trade around here that I've been lucky enough to hit a good one is my mechanic, a great couple of guys who treat me like a friend and are just up the road, always do what they say they will do and happy to accommodate something out of the ordinary. Worth more than rubies.

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    Heres a positive story, I had 2 people come to do my gardening last week organised through a Health services company I engaged through the NDIS. Under the NDIS schedule an allowance for up to $49.50 an hour is allowed. I thought that is good money, but I am out of touch what people expect to get paid as I am self employed. Seems every one else (gardeners I asked )sneezed at the rate and wouldnt get out of bed for that. I realise that there is fuel and costs for wear and tear on equipment to be accounted for.
    I thought of hiring some young unemployed person to give them a start up, but thought of insurance and work cover.
    I Could hire any one I chose as long as they had an ABN. It is GST free also under NDIS. Paid in a couple of days with the payment manager I engaged.
    NDIS pays them 1/2hr Travel regardless of distance.

    I was sent a husband and wife team, obviously the agency wouldn't pay them the full rate and get their cut out of it.

    But I can tell you one thing you couldn't have met a nicer couple, quiet, polite and WORKED HARD VIRTUALLY NON STOP. They had their bum up heads down all the time for 4 hours. They mowed, they pruned, they raked up, they cleaned up ashes from a burn off I had, weeded and killed weeds, they even climbed up tree ferns to remove dead fronds from the upper parts.
    They went above and beyond what I expected or asked them to do. They came back a few days later and did another 3 hours.
    Funny after they finished the last day the wife who had sweat running down her brow was offered a cold drink said no thanks, She had some cordial she brought. She was a little worried and asked if their were snakes. I assured her the last snake seen was 30 years ago and a Kookaburra put an end to it.
    I authorised payment for 14hrs in total.
    they will back on the 1st Dec for maintenance now.
    The yards never looked so good.

    They agency phoned me to ask if I was happy with who they sent , I gave the pair a glowing review.

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