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    Quote Originally Posted by crash View Post
    Have they sold and made there millions or is that what there holdings is worth if they were to sell?
    Taking a Profit rather than all in hoping for more is my sceen saver. NKA was before it was Nikola picked up at $7 held to $80 and stupid me did not sell. I did at $50. A Solid state battery play quantumscape had 50% sold at $50, 50% or the rest sold at $80 and the remaining at $130. If I held still it would still be paper profit at $53ish now. Gold road love it and have sold and sold and sold yet still have more than I invested in the first place

    just to sober my self PDN to almost $0.0001 Seafood online Vos Fryer Selling CSL at $36

    Hind sight is wonderful. Regret nothing and enjoy every thing we have most of which has nothing to do with $$. Love, Health, family and even you mugs

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tombie View Post

    One is doing quite well. The other is now a multi millionaire.
    For now..

    Real stupidity beats artificial intelligence every time. Sir Terry Pratchett

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tins View Post
    For now..
    Nope. Heís a multi- and even if the rest of his cyber plummets he has enough moved over to never need to work again.

    The younger brother has multiple cyber currencies, and could take about 10 years off to see the world without breaking a sweat. He owns all his properties outright, and works for the fun of it - says heís too young to do nothing.

    I havenít played the markets for quite a while, have a nice Super plan, I never planned to stop working before 60 (thatís was always the target age) - could have retired at 45 if Iíd wanted to do the same job for another 13 years and not sold my business; couldnít do it, needed another challenge.

    I wonít be stinking rich when I retire, but I wonít want for anything either....

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    Sold my bank shares in 2008 at £8.25 the next week they were worth 0.12 pence. No great insight, needed some cash in a hurry and it was the only funds I could access in time. Still feels good though

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