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Thread: Moving to Tasmania

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    Good trout fishing close at hand too! Tyenna River, Cluny Lagoon, Lake Repulse, Lake Catagunya and Wayatinah Lagoon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DoubleChevron View Post
    All that **** that boss women won't let me throw out (that you know will NEVER be used or needed again)
    Interestingly, today I did a count of the coffee mugs SWMBO has stashed around the home.....
    only FIFTY-ONE of them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Redback View Post
    Update, since our NBN went down on Thursday night(now fixed as of 15mins ago) right when we were negotiating the finance for buying a place we have made some progress, Ness made an offer on a place in Ellendale, about 1 hour Nth West of Hobart that was excepted, just waiting on finance to be officially approved, not my ideal house, but the acreage is brilliant being 12.17Ha (about 30 acres)
    Congrats on your purchase and if you happen to be in Hobart and hear about the "Flannel Curtain" this should explain it. Curious Hobart: What's the origin of the 'Flannelette Curtain' and is it just a Hobart thing? - ABC News
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    The Mt. Field area has some good walks, too. In '98 we did the Mt. Field West walk, through the 'Lions Den' and around the tarns. K-col and Webster tracks spring to mind. So much differing landscape and fauna. The was a certain frog in the heath area that had us looking for sheep. Dead set sounded like one.

    It took us the whole day to do, 14 hours or something but, with Tassie, Christmas time daylight, it wasn't an issue.
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