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Thread: Its out folks - I want to hear the excuses.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tins View Post
    Next, they'll be asking who is going to win the election, with similar results probably.
    Ian has a point. Acura is better than Honda? Lincoln is better than Ford? Cadillac and Buick better than Chev?
    Results of surveys like these are heavily weighted by perceptions. People 'perceive' that Toyotas are reliable. People 'perceive' that Porsches are a cut above. These people don't respond negatively to surveys as they believe that they could not possibly be wrong.
    Cadillac, Buick and Lincoln are all "premium" versions of major domestic brands, often just with added bling and leather, but once again they are 'perceived' to be better.
    At the other end of the scale, people expect poor quality from the British brands. They like their cars, otherwise why buy them, but they have to listen to others saying "why did you buy one of those lemons?".
    I'm not defending LR, far from it, they probably deserve their place on this list, but I doubt that they are as bad as this survey makes out, or that Lexus is that good.
    I'll bet people will keep buying Teslas.
    This is all covered if you go through their criteria for the surveys. Remember this is complaints per 100, not mechanical failures. A vehicle will make the list if someone has issues with the bluetooth, or they are annoyed by the amount of beeps the car makes, etc. Yes, there is a lot of perception by the customers on this, but if you spend the money on any brand, why rag on it unless it's causing you an issue? Porsche did well, but Mercedes and a lot of other 'High End' Euro vehicles didn't. Likewise Tesla - even with it's huge brainwashed fan base - scored poorly.

    Badge Engineering can cause big differences in vehicle - usually in spec level, so the clone is often rated poorer than the original - look at things like the Toyota Lexan - horrid spec level and interior compared to the Commodore. I don't know which ones are which in this list though so not sure if that's correct overall.

    Here's a question - if Land Rover was near the top, would everyone here think the survey was more accurate???

    While it may be swayed by perception, on a whole, I think it's quite accurate.

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    My D2a has to be the most troublesome 4WD that I have ever owned and the Landcruisers/Hilux's I have owned have to be the least troublesome 4WD's I have owned.
    The survey looks pretty accurate to me.
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    Its out folks - I want to hear the excuses.

    Who cares. Honestly.

    Obviously not the market.

    To add more, without looking in depth at demographics of use, how the heck would we be able to ascertain the conditions of each complaint.

    Ive seen more Hiluxs for example that are urban toys - all the gear and hardly used for purpose

    Or when the Housewifes of wherever cant hook their phone up to the BT.

    Simpler, less complex systems will generally be more reliable. Thats always going to be the case.

    How the mindset of the user sits will impact accordingly.

    All I know from observations here is ANY brand used seriously is at risk of failure, and they all do, I see all the unbreakables breaking regularly. It is what it is.

    Drive what you want, accept there may be different COO and enjoy the ride.

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    Interesting survey, but like said it's just opinion.
    Want mine?

    My Brother owns a Lexus, in my opinion the most unreliable bucket of **** ever built.
    Seriously, it spends most of it's life either in the workshop, or sitting in my garage while waiting for almost impossible to get (and expensive) parts.

    I wouldn't own one if it was free.

    My D1 Disco just goes and goes, never any problem in over 2 years of daily driving.

    It all depends on who you ask, I've no doubt surveys are 'targeted'
    Just ask Bill Gates, who endorses a book called, "How to Lie with Statistics"

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    just my 2 cents,

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    Most people use statistics like a drunk man uses a lamppost; more for support than illumination

    Andrew Lang
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    Maybe people who have just paid an obscene amount for a Land Rover and a similar obscene amount for Land Rover servicing complain about the smallest things ?

    In many cases its the dealership that's the problem rather than the manufacturer, but to be fair the manufacturer provides the guidelines.

    I worked with someone from the motor trade and he claimed that the manufacturer allowed a certain amount per month for warranty claims, once they'd reached that threshold they tried to wriggle out of doing jobs under warranty.
    Someone else told me that that one manufacturer had a team that would turn up at a dealership and go through the books.
    For example : replacement gearbox claimed under warranty. Ordered in and booked out of stock, allocated to a technician to fit, cross checking found that the technician was on holiday, gearbox booked back into stock....
    I'm sure there's an element of truth in the above.

    Personally I've had several problems with the blue oval dealership but......after writing to Head Office the problem was fixed, twice, at no cost to me.
    The way they dealt with the problem means I'd have no issue buying another blue oval car, a different dealership may have lost my business and any further purchases from the blue oval.

    I work in sales, sometime it's less about the fact a problem occurred but more about the resolution.

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    I've got a lexus and a landrover. The landrover has been over all the **** roads in Aus. The lexus has not. Can't say I've had many problems with either that I'd feel the need to complain about.
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    Agreed. Its usually not the vehicle itself (all brands of vehicle have issues). The problem is the response to the vehicle issue by JLR service centres.

    Every single time Ive had cause to engage with a JLR dealer for service, Ive had cause for complaint due to arrogant, incompetent and exorbitantly priced service.

    If as it seems many others have had similar experience, Land Rover deserves to be at the bottom of a list based on customer complaints.

    On the bright side, the best thing about poor JLR service is that it sends more Land Rover owners to the Indis, who in my experience are all exceptional.

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    Until youve dropped your vehicle into a dealer (Blue oval) for a simple please replace dented sump only to go back in 2 days later to find entire motor removed and dismantled on a bench, youve never had the full experience.

    In the end I boxed it up myself, had the vehicle towed away - after paying the hostage charge of $1500 to get my vehicle back.

    And then I and my mate rebuilt it and put it back in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SpudHeadTed View Post

    On the bright side, the best thing about poor JLR service is that it sends more Land Rover owners to the Indis, who in my experience are all exceptional.

    The cynic in me see's this and thinks about LR dealer employee numbers and goes Hmmmm
    "How long since you've visited The Good Oil?"

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