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Thread: Removing oil from driveway?

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    Sand soaked with dishwashing liquid?
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    Question has been posted before............... someone suggested something from SC that worked really well. Have a search.


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    I use cement dust well brushed in. Let it soak up the oil for a while, then brush it again. Keep working it into the oil.

    I have a bucket of cement (with a scoop from one of my wife's laundry detergent packs) sitting in the garage ready for dropping onto any oil spills.
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    bunnings sell a builders strength hydrochloric acid reasonably cheaply. 1lt bottle will probably do, but 5lt may be handier to have. brand is Bondall.

    Seriously potent stuff, not domestic grade domestos stuff! If you choose to try it(recommend you do) you really should wear a mask, it's vapours are crazy strong!

    Pour a little over the oil stain, rub in a a little with a brush broom to soak it around and hose down. It may wear out the concrete if the concrete is old or not so well made. No problem if the cement is in good condition.
    The broom brush may end up toast too, eaten away by the chlorine.

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    Buy some sand in bags and scatter sand on it and leave it. Every so often brush up the sand and rescatter it over the oil. If you are in no rush just put the sand over it and leave it. Every time you brush it there will be less. it will eventually clear it all away. Talking from experience here.

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    I have had success with degreaser but using boiling water to initially rinse it off. The hot water dislodges the more stubborn oily bits.

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    BP Comprox works well as does NappySan and hot water. Both need a bit of work with a stiff broom though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by windsock View Post
    CRC Oil Eater - Remove Oil Stains From Concrete - CRC NZ

    Going to give that a go so will report back.
    Gave it a go yesterday afternoon.

    Didn't shake the can well enough perhaps. Halfway through the application I realised the can was a rattle can and had a ball bearing stirrer inside. I think what I applied to the drive wasn't mixed enough. Moved some of the recent oil but none of the old oil and left all the concrete around the stain looking brighter.

    Smelled strongly of citrus.

    Still have some more left in the can and will try again and hope there is still enough of the right proportions in the can to work better next time.

    Goes on as a liquid and dried to a white powder that was supposed to 'pull' the stain out. Reminded me of carpet cleaner...

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    Oil stain on unsealed concrete has been explained to me like an iceberg

    You can pull a little of the top layer and lighten it up but will never completely “fix” it

    On unsealed exposed aggregate

    Read super porous unable to grind

    If just go straight to hydrochloric acid
    Work the stain hard but I imagine you’ll end up freshening the whole drive

    Follow the acid etch with a good pressure washing and re-assess

    Pool acid is easy enough to buy
    Run it 1:4 with water
    (Always add acid to water not water to acid)

    And seal it afterwards !!!
    It seems to me that every concretor has their preferred brand - which says to me they all work pretty much the same just depends on who you have an account with or gives you the best rate !!!!

    Either way - you will never get it all out but can likely improve the status quo.

    A sealed bucket with a blend of dry cement and fine sand 50:50 is great to have handy to throw on fresh oil before it has a chance to soak into the crete

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