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Thread: And I thought Range Rovers had problems..

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    75 series

    Quote Originally Posted by ATH View Post
    I got abused and called a troll on Exploroz when I dared mention the probs our son had with his 200 series. Shocking oil consumption, transmission which wouldn't go until the pressure had built up. Tojo said it was because it was a hi-tech gearbox.... he told them his 12 year old Rangie moved off after weeks of standing idle so why not that. No answer
    3 years to do something about it resulted in 3 months off the road while they fixed the engine and put a new box in. But the warranty dept. hired a Pajero for him from their used car division which cost them 3K per month.
    So much for being unbreakable and unstoppable.


    PS. Plus he had to have the rear end suspension strengthened so he could tow his boat.
    Bought a 75 series in 1990 for 51k.
    bad seating, uncomfortable drive, big 4.2 diesel gutless going up Toowoomba range, I thought it would walk up it.
    job was in concert so driving from gold coast to concert every couple of months, extremely hot in cabin.
    Would return 5klms to the litre not exceeding 110klm hour.
    suspension collapsed, gear box problems 4 times.
    Would not buy another one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Saulman1010 View Post
    My housemates BMW X5 no starter today...
    No crank etc but check the instrument cluster..

    Hmmm odd when you realise the key is out..engine off..and in park...


    If you check one of those guides to buying second-hand cars, the X5 report says .... don't. Apparently there's an issue that the aircon discharge is directed onto a key part of the front suspension.

    On top of that, I was talking to a Mercedes dealer and he told me that a lot of the cars they sold were never serviced, because people stretched their finances to buy the vehicle so either didn't do the services or didn't do them properly.
    2014 D4 HSE

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    And I thought Range Rovers had problems
    Range Rovers might have problems but X5s are nothing more than total **** heaps.

    I used to service the auto on X5 models as its the same 6 speed as the D3, but I gave that away due to all the other constant issues they have.
    My sister even had one, spent more time in my workshop than her house.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DazzaTD5 View Post
    And I thought Range Rovers had problems
    Range Rovers might have problems but X5s are nothing more than total **** heaps.
    A mate had one for a few years,it had more issues than the problamatic LR's i had at the same time,which is saying something......

    He tried to offload it to his daughter,for very little $$,but she didnt want it

    A TDV8 Audi replaced it,which went like a cut snake,had close to 80% more power and torque than my stock 2.7 D4,and also had a few issues,before it was off loaded.

    FWIW,that Audi also had EAS.

    D2,D2,D2a,D4,'09 Defender 110(sons), all moved on.

    '56 S1,been in the family since...'56
    Comes out of hibernation every few months for a run

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    Not fully appropriate here, but...

    Youngest son has finally got his First New Car, (6 months late...) a Mazda BT-50. crew-cab /trayback (for camper) diesel. - replacing the ford ranger that drank up over $15K in engine repairs / re-build and odds.... Apart from that, not a bad bus off-road. Crew-cab, so a bit nicer riding than tray-backs.

    Alas, sexy smooooth looking BT is back at the dealer for it's 1K service. But...... the Air-Bag light is lighting up.... threatening to go off... Turns out the ECM wot runs them... is carked. Waiting for another. (Full of chips, so it might be a while !)

    Oh, when he first put fuel in.... he couldn't. Tray was in the way !!! Had to loosen mounts/ lift things /move tank etc to get the nozzle into the hole...- I have not DARED mention it back to him !!!!! - Fiance was bad enough, laughed herself silly....

    Anyway, they've paid for/given him a HIRE car, Mazda C 30 or 50 ? or something ? - Bigger then her i30, and heaps more interior room.

    He is NOT happy.... with a Mum's Shopping Trolley !

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    Early model Cayenne with V8 4.5 litre petrol now cheap <$15k. Iím hearing they are ok rigs? Any major blow up items?

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    Quote Originally Posted by PerthDisco View Post
    Early model Cayenne with V8 4.5 litre petrol now cheap <$15k. Iím hearing they are ok rigs? Any major blow up items?
    A guy I know had a 928 and was at my place with GF for the weekend.

    The aftermarket security system (required for insurance) wouldn't work so he had to borrow a car to get the spare keys from Melby.

    His words: 'over it, yours for 7k'.

    Wish I'd gone to the atm now.


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