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Thread: Disco 1 days are numbered - which dual cab ute?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tombie View Post
    Iím sure it did, however where n=1 they are still the pick of the bunch.

    Out of curiosity- let me take a stab at it, most of the time itís an urban/short run vehicle and the DPF just was too full to regenerate properly?

    I see Toyota now has a DPF exchange for life on their Hilux due to the ongoing issues there.
    Nope. We live in rural Victoria and it hardly ever does short runs aside from school drop of a few times a week. They do some kms in it.

    Mitsubishi Australia got into an argument with them saying the vehicle had been chipped when it never had. So over a week of that time was taken up with arguing with Mitsubishi whether it was a warranty issue.

    They also had an issue with their triton where the loom wore through or there was a broken wire in the loom while in remote WA. Mitsubishi said it would take 6-12 weeks to get a loom in from Japan as there weren't any in the country.

    After the DPF palava, my mate cracked it with them. Took two blokes over 2 days to manually find the break in the wire and repair it.

    He still likes the car but that sure left him with a sour taste. Particularly the attitude of Mitsubishi Australia.
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    All OEMís are the same - all arseholes - itís part of owning a new car in Australia. We need some stronger anti lemon laws here.

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