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Thread: Consequences of buying an EV

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    Thatís only a car imagine the same for those people who have similar tech for their houses

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    One clear effect of buying an EV. Melb- Port fairy return mums Chemo run cost in Disco is $120 + service costs. Ev is $16 ( I found a high speed CCS charge in Ballarat and racv Torquay that charge fast for a few $ 10,000 km in EV is yet to cost a service cent

    Oil price news is interesting. the dump from stragic reserves early this week was a hours worth of fuel and the double counting of it is a bit of a joke

    This is an opinion bit but seemed more than interesting as it doesn't seem to be the oil price that is kicking the fuel prices up and up.

    A bad bit about my quirky little cheap ev is my son keeps nicking it as he doesn't want to pay for petrol and service on his car Clearly he has lost the plot as he was RANGE anxiety anti EV type in love with his oil burner until he moved out and started paying

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