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Sorry I was a little unclear
To block his drain off you’ll need to dig in the neighbours yard along the fence/retaining wall side and find his storm.

Agree that a single 90 is well insufficient for those roof sizes of your neighbours houses.

Could you take the path of least resistance and get a nice spoon drain installed at the low side base of the retaining wall and run that to street ?

In a few years - the timber sleepers will be rotten out and need replacing (shared between you and neighbour)
While doing that repair can sort the pipe work behind the wall ???

I wish you the best of luck !

Have already done that about 10 years ago to stop the house brocks getting wet but to do the area where the water comes through I will need to empty the water tank pull up the pavers & cut them to install the drain. The retaining wall is about 30 years old & still appears to be good & it was built by the then neighbour on there side of the property boundary this wall is about 2M high in that area, we have a retaining wall approx 1/2 m from the boundary which is 1/2 m high . Our house was the 1st built & the small retaining wall was installed then , the house next door was built at least 5 years later then the house with the pool was built around 10 years after it . We don't have much luck , about 15 years ago the block of land on the bottom side of us was sold to a builder , he decided to cut the block to build . They cut the block the week before Christmas to 200mm from our retaining wall & was going to leave it until they came back to work mid January to build the retaining wall which is at least 2.5M to 3M high. Christmas Eve we had a big storm & the whole lot collapsed ripping out all our pool pipes & all the dirt on 3 sides of the pool , we were lucky the pool didn't go as well. It was mid February before we were able to fill the pool again .