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Thread: Kookynet heading to Alice and Kimberley NT

  1. Kookynet heading to Alice and Kimberley NT

    Hello all,

    We are about to leave Sydney to cross the Simpson on our way to Alice and the Kimberley. If any of you is heading this way in the coming months or lives in those areas, we would love a chance to meet for a chat, a drink or more.

    It has been a while since we gave you some details of our tour so here is a
    brief summary : after Adelaide, we spend a few days with Ruslan and his family and enjoyed their company alot, including an outing by the sea shore with our landies and by foot, feeding the possums at night in Mont Gambier sinkhole garden. Since then, Martine has been blessing Ruslan on a regular basis every time we drove into dusty areas. Ruslan helped silicone wherever dust has a chance to come in, a job he had successfully done on his own Defender.

    In Melbourne, we missed Hiline and other members who could not make themselves available unfortunately. We got to be interviewed by 4WDTV. Show was on the air episode 100 a couple of weeks ago. Great people and alot of fun, really. Thanks to Simon, we got sponsored by Nankang for a new set of tyres which we have been very happy with, honestly. We also had a good 60k service, courtesy of Les Richmond.

    In Tasmania, we joined a group from LROC Sydney and had a wonderful tour with a great company. Roger Xtrem was the trip leader who packed his tour with lots of fun 4w driving and beautiful camp sports. On this marvellous island, we also got to meet a couple of the most distinctive members on this forum : Richard Phoenix, with whom with happily stayed for a couple of days and Justinc who took us to the monthly club meeting where we met quite a few friendly people. He then let us 'camp' in his shop for the night. Certainly one of our most unusual bibby spots ever!!

    We finally met in Cooma with our aulro "godfather" Chris Omaroo and camped at their lovely place with him and Jenny and their two pugs. It felt as if we had reunited with old friends again, although we had never met before!!

    We had a very full visit in Sydney where we stayed with Roger AKA Xtreme who helped us with a couple of other Land Owners from the CLub to repair and enhance Alistair. A broken windshield and frame - souvenir of Sandy Beach in tasmania - have been replaced, and reinforced. Actually it is now as buttressed as Notre Dame de Paris!!

    On the social side, we took part in the Rover Bush Restaurant, a black tie dinner and a grand affair all organised by our same good Samaritan Roger.
    The French at Rover Bush Restaurant with LROC Sydney branch .
    Text and photos on our webpage

    It was fun to be part of the club life for a short while : we did a presentation of our travels at the monthly club meeting and cooked some French food to be sampled by the attendees. We like to think they liked both. We were surprised to be presented with a club membership and a metal club badge, a 40th anniversary at that. It looks great on Alistair!

    Martine also attended a training with the club involving advanced driving and vehicle recovery. And met two members there, DiscoDave and Bluetongue. Two more to be added to Kookynet's "collection" of aulro members. We hope by the end of our Aussie trip to have met the greatest number of members ever achieved !! So will you help us by giving us a chance of meeting a few of you???

    Warm landy regards
    Robert and Martine

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    If passing through the Central West of NSW remember there are a number of members from Lithgow west, as well as through the Blue Mountains.


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    And I'm just outside of Yass and under 5 mins from the freeway.

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    Hi Guys
    Do you still have my mate Dans name/number???? He is a top bloke lives in Derby,a VERY KEEN Barramundi fisherman.
    If not let me know.
    When are you due in Derby????
    I will tell Dan you are due,If he isnt working away Im sure he will at least give you somewhere to park for the nite.Im sure if he is able to he would take you out fishing KIMBERLEY STYLE!!!!!!!
    Great to hear from you gus again!!!!!
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    I spoke to Robert & Martine late last week. They were in Alice Springs having been held up for a couple of days in Tibboburra due to rain and then crossed the Simpson via the French Line - of course. Then it was The Rock and Kings Canyon before The Alice.

    They planned on leaving The Alice a day or two after I spoke to them and were then heading for Halls Ck, The Bungles then Derby by about 20th June to meet up with some AULRO'ians from Perth.

    All going well apparantly with 'Alistair' wearing a mud camo jacket.

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