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Thread: Tree Lopping

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    I have a cunning plan Ron.

    List the tree on ebay.

    Buy it.

    It will fall over all by itself then.

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    I would definetly go through the council route. I met a guy that had bought a house and bush block near Launching place in Vic and the people that sold it to him had 5 trees removed and the council fined them $10,000 to $20,000 per tree. Which what led to them having to sell.

    Can you fell the tree in one hit or do you need to drop it from the top down?

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    I am a bit dubious of chainsaws too and used a resiprocating < spelling? electric saw, (just like a hand saw but it moves it's self) to fell a tree in the UK I just got a pair of ladders and started as high up as I could until there was nothing left.

    Saying that the tree was about 7m max in height and the limbs were less than 12" thick.

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