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Thread: a pair of southerns. (lots of pics)

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    a pair of southerns. (lots of pics)

    found these at the barcaldine between longreach and 3 ways.

    $100 each.

    that one turns over and even has some very slight compression, it makes all the right noises like it would start if given an attempt at a rebuild.

    that one is siezed but a little excessive effort on the crank produces a very slight movement like the rod clearances are being taken up so with a little luck its just a siezed piston ring set and should be made goable again.

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    Good score, Dave.
    Will tick over forever and a day on WVO with a genset connected. Nice!

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    They are fantastic engines. I used to have one in one of the bores in my old 27 acres farm in Children.
    They used to go day and night pumping water to the tanks and the dam.

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    I thought that plate said 1200 brake horsepower at first, had a closer look and realised it was 9 BHP.

    Cheers, Mick.
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