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Thread: Welcome to GPS forum

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    Welcome to GPS forum

    Hi there everyone and welcome to the GPS forum, I have the dubious honour of sharing the moderating of this forum with RMP - our in house GPS Expert.

    For mine I have a limited amount of GPS experience with Mapinfo and Ozi Explorer using the Garmin E Trex and Topo View map data.

    Recently I have ordered a new Navman Pin 570 which should come in the next couple of weeks.

    I have searched all the other forums on AULRO and brought together all the posts on GPS I could find.

    Ill take this chance to apologise to those who dont like having their posts moved - but i thought it was a logical thing to do.

    Should anyone find a GPS post in another forum that may be better suited here let me know and ill see if i can move it.

    Other than that as a mod on this forum im also up for the challenge to help users out where I can , that is if Rob cant give the definative GPS answer ill see if i can get one, or bring someone to the forums that can.

    Have fun - travel safe


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    satnav update

    Hi all I am new to this site after just perchasing 2005 discovery TD HSE my question is what would happen if you installed the latest landrover disc 19 the car is still loaded with the 2004 disc would it load and update the maps or do nothing



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