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Thread: From Online Google maps to some thing you can use off line

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    From Online Google maps to some thing you can use off line

    Google Maps is great, but how do you use the information when there is no internet??

    You can convert the tracks it traces to a form that you can use on a GPS with no internet available.

    Briefly, I do the following:

    Find the area you need to navigate.

    One could get lost in here.

    Hema does cover the area.

    It is not really convincing.

    I want to end up at the blue flag at the bottom left, leaving the main forestry road at blue flag on the right.

    What does Google recommend??

    That looks easy, two routes offered.

    But how to get that information to Hema.


    Copy the URL at the top of the Google Map.

    Go to GPS Visualizer: Convert GPS files to plain text or GPX
    and paste the URL into the form and set the export to gpx

    Save the .gpx file somewhere you can find it, and upload it to

    (you will have to sign up to use it)

    And you can end up with the track on your map.

    Now you can also import the gpx file straight into Oziexplorer and send it to your GPS, or you maybe able to import to your gps directly.

    Any how, that is how I find my way in areas new to me, perhaps others may like to do similar.

    (also on MySwag, but thought some here may use it)


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    You can download offline maps, didnt know this til last weekend when i was shown how.
    They have an expiration date but still handy to have.
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