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Thread: Degrees, Minutes, Seconds or Decimal Degrees.

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    Quote Originally Posted by theresanothersteve View Post
    UTM is fine for absolute referencing but not much good for course plotting, for that you need a relative bearing.
    That's why I like topo maps with with UTM and DMS - although in most hilly/mountainous Aussie bush, course plotting (when driving) may not be practical.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ramblingboy42 View Post
    I have a formula to convert the digital readouts from your phone or google to conventional degrees, minutes, seconds.
    Just can't find it at the moment but will put it up here tomorrow.
    Unless someone beats me to it.
    Quote Originally Posted by Young Angus View Post
    Or Gons...try Gons for something different.

    I'm a land surveyor and DMS all the way, mind you if you ever need to use any of the bearings to calculate some trig you'll need to convert to DD, so just get around both

    (Gave me a good laugh the Radians comment)
    Quote Originally Posted by Charliektm400exc View Post
    But, if you're using the calculator I'm assuming you use, it would be HMS and H.MS.

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