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Thread: Hema 4WD Map or Mud Map 3

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    Hema 4WD Map or Mud Map 3


    I am planning to get 4wd map for my iphone/ipad but cannot decide whether I should get Hema 4wd map or Mud Map3. Anyone have any experience on one of those maps?


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    Take a look at Memory map iPhone App | Memory-Map Aus/NZ

    Very similar functionality to the Hema app and then you buy maps as you want. through the digital map store.. (Including the Hema maps)

    The advantage is you get to use the one set of purchased maps across multiple devices - ios, Android, windows, mac without having to buy multiple apps the memory maps app for IOS is free.

    Mud Maps - I bought Mud Maps 1.... then they wanted to charge me again when I bought Memory Maps 2.... they then wanted to charge me again for Mud Maps 3 ...wasn't willing to go around a third time. I wonder how far away Mud Map 4 is?

    I'm running Hema, Vic Toppo and Westprint maps via Memory map on my iPad mini and android phone and can use the same maps for planning on my windows desktop

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