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Thread: There should be a way

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    I thought a re-radiating antenna may help the OP with the problem they have, but you also need to be aware of some limitations they have.
    That is, namely that the 'GPS' receiver in the device may not simply use just the GPS(ie. US satellite system) but as they noted it also uses GLONASS(Russian system) too.

    Some re radiating antennas are only set up to listen only for the GPS system, and not the GLONASS and GALLILEO systems all in unison.
    Spec sheets need to be read on what the re radiating antenna can do.

    But I reckon a re radiating antenna is probably the way forward on the OPs issue.

    '99 D1 300 Tdi Auto

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    Yes that's the app, a great one for on - road trips with voice turn by turn direction. Got a couple of issues with it when travelling abroad. But still one of the best.

    Quote Originally Posted by AK83 View Post
    Haven't heard of Here .. had a quick peek and found "Here .. we go" is that the one?

    All apps probably just assume the std config for the smart device .. so assume that the smart device's internal GPS will be used.
    If the app doesn't have an option to use anything other than the internal GPS, then I reckon it'll be an uphill battle.

    Next time I got some free time, I'll see if Ozi will work with the smartphone as the 'Bt GPS device(instead of the data logger unit).
    Never used GPS over Bt, but will have a go with that.

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