Looking at possibly updating my iPad to a later model but I thought it would also be a good time to see if its worth changing to an Android Tablet for my Navigation requirements. So here's what I currently (or in the future) use my iPad for:

> The general daily emails messaging, social media, music, internet browsing/searching, etc
> Photos (only sometimes)
> On and OFFROAD navigation
> Modern vehicle diagnostics (this is a future requirement)

My "main" use is for offroad navigation and my current iPad doesn't have a built-in GPS, so I need to BT to a GPS receiver to use it as a GPS device for navigation. This works fine most of the time but it's an extra device that I need to have plugged into a USB charger all the time, hence why I'm thinking about upgrading to either an iPad (cellular) with the GPS built-in or go for something totally different and that being an Android Tablet.

Obviously, I'm used to using an iPad and therefore it will take some time to get used to an Android and then there the APPS that I've already paid for on my iPad but I'm not too concern about this as I still have an iPhone where I can still use those APPS.


On my iPad I use the following for navigation and research purposes when touring around Australia (on and offline)

# PocketEarth & Map out (Used for Navigating & for recording where I've been; ability to upload (& download) other peoples' tracklogs that I can then follow; Routing; POI's; Topographic Maps; Compass, Altimeter, etc, etc, Wikipedia Historical Info on various sites)
# WikiCamps & CamperMate (Free/Paid Camping sites around Australia)
# Speedometer (GPS App that gives u your speed and a whole lot of other functions)
# OZTopo (an App that I regret paying $$ for)
# WikiLoc
# Trail Wallet (recording daily expenses while travelling)
# Garmin Apps that I utilise with my Garmin GPS's
# Fueling Apps (Fuelly; PetrolSpy; FuelMap Australia)

There are "other" apps that I occasionally use that I assume can either be found on Google Tore or something similar...

So... knowing more about IOS & what App's are available... What are some APPS within the Google Store that would do the same job?

Note: For Navigating Apps it must be able to record your tracklog (preferable to be able to colour code different tracklogs) and upload/download; have access to "TopoMaps"; Routing; Mark waypoints; built-in compass; POI's that are displayed on the map that u can visually see; NO ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION fee attached;

I know about HEMA; MudMaps; MemoryMaps and currently not really interested in them as what I currently use is more beneficial for me...

Would like to know more about OziExplorer and the ExplorOZ apps though...