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Thread: Review - Lenovo Tab M8 HD + OziExplorer Android

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    Review - Lenovo Tab M8 HD + OziExplorer Android

    Hi All,

    Thought I'd give some (very positive) feedback on my new GPS setup:

    Tablet: Lenovo Tab M8 HD, model TB-850F
    Lenovo Tab M8 (2nd Gen) HD | 8″ High definition, stylish tablet | Lenovo Australia
    Micro SD card installed for maps and other stuff. (64GB, but would go bigger next time)
    See this review for full details: Lenovo Tab M8 HD Tablet Review: Browsing and streaming for little money - Reviews

    Protective case: BobJgear: BobjGear
    BobjGear Bobj Rugged Tablet Case for Lenovo Tab E8 TB-8304F, TB-8304F1, TB-8304N, TB-8304 Kid Friendly (Gotcha Green): Electronics

    Windscreen mount: Car Windscreen Suction Mount Holder For iPad Mini Pro Samsung Tablet PC 7-12" | eBay


    Software: OziExplorer Android: Official OziExplorer Web Site - GPS Mapping Software for Tracking and Navigation. Supports Garmin, Magellan, Lowrance and GPS

    Maps: I've collected lots of maps over the years. The best currently available are Hema 4WD map collection (great for tour and route planning) and worth buying, and of course

    Setup tips:
    1. Put all your maps in a single folder on the Micro SD card and set OziExplorer to point to this folder.
    2. With OziExplorer you can load in custom made screens (menu and look/feel setups). The ones I really like are made by the GetLost bloke as you can see through the menus to see the full screen maps as shown in my photos. They can be downloaded from the GetLost site - look for 'OziExplorere Screens' under the Huts and Ruins links
    3. You can also add in all the Huts and Ruins Waypoints made by Getlost into OziExplorer. See the Huts and Ruins links

    On the weekend we did a trip around Mt Buller to Kings Hut, then around to Lake Cobbler via the staircase in the Disco 2. Then we did the day walk up to the summit of Mt Cobbler (4 Hrs return). This GPS is great for both in vehicle and bushwalking use. It has excellent battery life and GPS seems very accurate and fast.
    I've also loaded on the extracted PDFs from Rave - Workshop manual and Electrical Library which all work fine.

    This tablet was $138 12 Months ago but the price has increased to $199 RRP. Shop around as I got it a a few weeks ago for $151 price matched by Officeworks to BingLee price.

    The BobJ case is well worth it and very robust to protect the Lenovo. The cheap windscreen mount off eBay works fine but will see if it lasts.

    I chose the 8 Inch version as you can see over it to the bonnet, and the 8 Inch has better reviews than the 10 Inch.

    Overall an excellent portable setup for driving and bushwalking!

    2003 D2a TD5, ACE, SLS, Vienna Green.

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    That Lenovo and Ozi is the same combination I have. I agree it works really well.
    I'll have to check out the GetLost 'see through' screens and their huts waypoints, cheers for that.

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    I have an earlier model M10 .. brother has the later version ... both very good .. later version slightly better.

    M10 is fine as a general tablet unit, but if you want speed, maybe not the device to have.
    For running Ozi and OSMAnd never had any issues with speed or reliability, even tho tablet may sit in the hot Aussie baking sun for hours on end sometimes.

    Only issue I have is that it does seem to need more power in than some other devices I have(Galaxy Tab7II) and such like. I use a magnetic USB-C charger cable, the 'cheapo' type you find on ebay where the USB-C plug is magnetically attached to the cable, so connection to and off the device is made easier. This cable sometimes can't provide enough juice to the M10.

    For suction cup holders .. I'm 99% sure it will fail at some point. I've been through so many cheap ones myself, and for much smaller lighter devices. None survive long term in the sun. Even the fabled RAM mounts (suction cup) fail eventually.

    The most annoying thing with the cheaper mounts is that if you don't set the mount up so that the device rests on the dash, they allow far too much flex in the mount and the device floats around too much on rougher roads. Where RAM come into their own is in how rigid the whole thing is. I have mine setup to just float the tablet immediately backwards of the dash(closer to hand) so easier to reach if touching screen is required, and in doing so it lowers the height of the 10" tablet so can still see over the dash and the far left corner of the D1. Also, angle it so that the screen reflects only off the roof lining(ie. no glare) and seeing over the dash is made easy with the 10" version. I'm 6 foot, so not obscenely tall.

    For bushwalking the 10" would be massively annoying .. being so large.

    '99 D1 300 Tdi Auto

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