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Thread: Hello new 109 Holden owner

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    Hello new 109 Holden owner

    Hi all recently bought what was advertised as a 202 powered series 2a Ute.
    Drivable but unregistered I trailered it home. Fairly extensive electrical rewiring due to discovery of a (hungry) rats nest. Drive shaft and solid brake lines.
    First test drive up resulted in a tow back-new plugs leads and coil (rooted cause of previous breakdown) also noted that it is powered by a 186 and is a series 3.
    second run was ok although a little rough which led me to give the carby to Ross at carby tune in Tweed.
    third run bust fuel pump which really just about brings me up to date
    I guess pictures tell a thousand words but I can’t figure out how to attach pictures to my post but I would love to share the journey I seem to have slightly unwittingly embarked on.
    edit: I think I have attached some photos, although it looks more like an advertisment for for various towing and trailer companies at this point.
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    Welcome to the forum Tom, hope you manage to wrangle it into shape so you can drive it home again one day soon. 😁.

    Keep the updates coming and sing out if you need advise - there's plenty of people here that will chime in if you have any specific questions. 👍😊

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    186 is a far better donk than a 202. Once you get it sorted, you'll be a happy little Vegemite!

    You'll probably find that at least half the previous owners have had delusional aspirations to be auto electricians, so be prepared for some interesting times in the wiring department. Mind you, the standard wiring wasn't much to write home about either!

    Welcome to the fold, and keep the pictures coming!
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    Welcome and I will be following your thread with much interest.
    The Holden 186 is a good old "banger" and an easy donk to work on etc.
    Good luck.

    Cheers, Mick.
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