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Thread: Holden 202 into series 3s

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tins View Post
    Not really strange at all. Sure, AMI did assembly of things like the Tiara, but Toyota took a controlling interest in AMI, and its Port Melb facility in 1968, a site Toyota occupied until they ceased Australian manufacture. Leslie Thiess had a fair bit to do with this. AMI assembled Triumphs early on, and Ramblers before the Toyota connection.
    The P76, and as far as I know, the X6, had no connection with AMI, but were built at Leyland's Zetland plant in Sydney.
    I think it was later than 1968 when Toyota took control. AMI certainly assembled coronas and Toyota first bought York Motors' (A Leyland Australia and Toyota Distributer) Share. Leyland then sold their share when they needed the dollars to help fill the financial black hole the P76 was causing. At one stage Leyland considered putting the Triumph 2500 into full production but went with the P76 instead.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sharmy View Post
    I think it was later than 1968 when Toyota took control. A
    Depends what is meant by "controlling interest". It was 1968, but they took 50% in 1971. P76 production began in1973.

    Anyway, the poor OP is no doubt wondering what happened to his thread about red motors and Series trucks.

    We may have earned a place here: Threads that go off topic - here and other forums.

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    Need Help!

    Hey everyone
    Can anyone tell me why I canít get my gearbox spline to fit into an original series 3 motor, my series 3 landy had the red holden 202 motor in it which I have taken out, I have tried to put a different 2.25l petrol series engine in but will not slide on no matter how much I try, whatís the issue!!! I have heard of a spigot bearing that is stopping it from fitting? Please help

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    Need to check a couple of things.

    Measure the diameter of the spigot on the end of the gearbox shaft, and the diameter of the bush in the centre of the flywheel - they should match, with the shaft slightly smaller. Possible problems are a burr on either part or there is a bush stuck on the spigot, or wrong bush. Ideally need inside and outside calipers to measure this.

    Check that the clutch plate easily slides on the shaft - wrong plate?

    The plate needs to be the right way round, and correctly centred using a suitable alignment tool.

    If all this checks out, a big help is to temporarily replace three of the bell housing to flywheel housing studs with long bolts with the heads cut off. This will ensure everything is correctly aligned before you get to aligning the bits you can't see!

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