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Thread: Driving Light Relays

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    Driving Light Relays

    Ok I have seen much discussion on additional lights but I am just wondering where those relays have been put.

    Where are the best places you have found to mount a relay for wiring up additional lights? You might make mention if you have an extra battery filling up the vacant space on the near side of the car. Photos welcome Driving Light Relays

    Is there enough space to mount it behind the left headlight for easy access the high beam wire there? Any issues with body removal that need to be considered?
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    The relays for my driving lights are tucked in behind the left headlight. And yes, I do have an auxiliary battery and controller also mounted on that side of the vehicle under the bonnet. There's plenty of room for both.

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    I mounted relays and Driving Light Transformers in Bull Bar, one set each end.
    Just worked out that way when fitting winch etc.
    The transformer for the Fyrlyt 9000 Driving Lights that are the bulky, awkward items.
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    I always put the relay between batteries and lights... closer to the battery preferably..

    If wired correctly, then the only long wire is from the switch on the dash which should go to earth, power from highbeam nearest the headlight or fuse box under bonnet if possible...

    That way power for lights is close and a short run to lights... Anywhere under the bonnet to protect against water...

    Some vehicles have space in the under bonnet fuse box, to add another relay...

    Less wiring the better and the wire back to the dash being an earth is safer...

    This way of doing it can make it very clean and easy to trace faults...

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