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Thread: D3 electric problems

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    D3 electric problems

    Hello all, I am the proud owner of a 2005 D3 TDV6 unfortunately with the following “issues”
    Drivers external mirror keeps driving to lowest point,
    Seat won’t remember position, (or be set to new position)
    Cruise control inoperative, (usually first sign after mirror)
    Brakes light is red, (don’t think it is the ABS)
    DSC light is on as well as suspension
    and, all reset after stop and remove key for a while.
    Reading the related blogs, all seem years old so I am hoping someone has a resolution.
    It seems I have the 3 amigos + friends.
    Something is telling all these alarms to go off. So far my service people (Comet Auto) have been unable to track down. I am not technically minded this way so I’m looking for data to provide to them.
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    Cruise control, suspension and DSC "faults" will in all likelihood be caused by a brake system fault. The fault codes should be read, concentrating on brake system faults rather than on faults by systems that rely on a fully functioning brake system. The fault could be a failed ABS sensor but guessing can be expensive. The other problems are probably unrelated but fault codes will provide a starting point.

    Check behind the left front wheel for a wiring harness that has pulled away from its clips along the chassis and has been damaged by the tyre. Its a common fault especially in earlier vehicles whereby the insulation of some wires is worn away by the tyre then short together, often causing an ABS sensor fault.
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