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Thread: I'm Taking The Tyre Plunge

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    Quote Originally Posted by ghackett2 View Post
    Hi SJC, just wondering where u are getting that size from- 255/55R20?
    I can only see the 20 inch ATR+ in 275/55R20 on the Pirelli site. The spreadsheet u mention says the 275 will 'rub significantly.
    I don't want to do any mods, particularly on the rear air con to fit the larger tyres and was hoping to find 265/50R20, but I don't know if Pirelli make that size I'm Taking The Tyre Plunge
    If they don't, I might have to go to the Nitto Terra Grappler G2...

    Sorry mate a typo 275/55R20

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    Quote Originally Posted by SJC View Post
    Sorry mate a typo 275/55R20
    Thought probs. I thought so but was hoping you had some info. I put an inquiry into Pirelli and they called me direct yesterday and advised no other sizes on the agenda and therefore nothing to directly fit a 20" D4 without risk of rubbing

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    I take it all back!

    Quote Originally Posted by Barraman View Post
    I have a set of Pirelli Scorpian ATRs on my 2015 Disco, just nudging 70,000 km now - compared to the 45,000 km I got out of the OEMs. Probably, 25,000 of the 70,000 km has been towing a 6.5M boat from Nth Qld to the NT and back several times a year.
    The ATRs have been great tyres IMO - very sure footed. I have not seen any of the wet road issues that others have talked about. Have had one blow-out travelling at speed on a fairly stoney gravel road.
    I have a set of ATR Plus tyres to go on it now - they look great.

    Just drove 900 km down the Bruce Highway from Bowen to Maryborough in torrential rain (courtesy of cylone Owen!). I can only describe the Disco with its legal, but almost ready-for-replacement, Pirelli Scorpian ATRs as very "skittish" where water was flowing across the road. No flooding - just water on the road from the downpour.

    I have a set of ATR Plus Scorpians to go on it - they look the goods but it will be interesting to see how they go.

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