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Thread: Another 'Restricted Performance' post

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    With regards to the first diagram, I've had the next hose down, the one closer to the intercooler replaced, on the primary turbo side. LRA noticed it had nearly rubbed through when they replaced the turbo. What it runs on I can't recall.

    Re the photo, that looks to me like that hose clamp has been tightened way too far, plus the rubber looks heavily affected by oil. I changed my alternator out last month and to get to it had to remove the lower intercooler hose, I drained about 1/2 a cup of oil out of that hose and the bottom of the intercooler...I will now open that hose to intercooler join every oil change (10,000km or 6 months) to check.

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    Quote Originally Posted by disco4now View Post
    I will add my recent one here in case its helpful to someone in the future.
    I was towing 3.5T van Sydney to Coffs Harbour. Had restricted performance twice on the freeway between Sydney and Newcastle. Cleared the P006A code and continued. The next day continued to Coffs Harbour and had 5 more occurrences. The wife was clearing them as we went along in the end. I looked for the dreaded cracked manifold when it happened but they appeared OK. Unhooked the van and could not get it the fault, so only towing.

    I put it in with Coffs Landrover and they diagnosed a crack around the first hose coming from the primary turbo.(see red arrow.) New hose ($516) plus fitting and no re-occurrence after.

    Attachment 151825

    The hose with the end of a teaspoon showing the crack.

    Now back from the trip, I have telltale oil that indicates a cracked left hand manifold is in progress, but that is the next story.
    Think that's the one that is hard to get at....the one people routinely avoid changing.

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    5 hours labour, so might have been a bit difficult .

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