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Thread: D4 spare wheel winch - does yours physically jerk and make an audible noise when the

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    Question D4 spare wheel winch - does yours physically jerk and make an audible noise when the

    According to p. 227 of my MY12 D4 Owners Handbook, when winding up the spare wheel on the winch:

    Continue to wind up, until the mechanism reaches its upper position. This is indicated by clear physical jerk from the wheel nut brace and an audible noise.
    Anyone able to confirm this actually happens (physically jerk in the wheel brace and an audible noise)?

    My D4 just failed RWC as the spare tyre was not secured sufficiently. It could be wiggled around a bit while raised on the spare wheel winch. I've tried winding up the winch bolt and it can just turn to infinity without making it any tighter. Removed the winch and put the end of the cable in a vice to keep tension on it and I can wind the cable in and out the entire length without issue but when I get to the end of winding it back in again can keep turning to infinity, but as soon as I change directions it will instantly start to wind out. I assume therefore there is an internal ratchet that is broken (maybe this is the anti-theft component in the description of it).

    Looks like the replacement part is LR064520 < Your Search Results > >.

    EDIT: Refitted to the vehicle and it stops wind up at once the weight of the tyre is on the cable - just turns to infinity. Winds up when no tyre weight though. Will remove again and open up but it's definitely faulty then.

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    Hi Chatterbox, I have never noticed anything like you have described. When winding up as the spare moves into place the resistance on the winder increases to the point where it is difficult to turn and I just have a look at the compression of the spring, stop before it is coil bound.

    From what you have said, I think your diagnosis of a stuffed winder is on the mark. Good thing to find when you did, can just imagine the mayhem if the wheel came loose driving along

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    Yes mate, I read that in the book, made me break my second unit, they're crap, I have a ratchet strap under the car now, will replace next time I have to use the spare

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    I recently found my spare winch (RRS) faulty when I tried to lower the tyre to get some space to work on EAS manifold. I had tested it when I bought the vehicle just to familiarise operation and it worked fine. I had a handbrake actuator replaced under warranty and can only presume the dealer wound out the winch with a rattle gun. I was lucky to dicover this in my shed rather than on the side of the road with a flat
    I drilled out the rivets and pulled it apart. The cable was doubled over at the toogle securing it to the winch drum and was jamming the mechanism. Manged to straighten it out and now works ok
    You having nothing to loose by having a look inside. I used bolts to replace the rivets and drilled some holes in the frame so it mounted flush

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