I've been told by many people that the D3 and D4 are a terrible car, except none of those people currently own one. My sister in law just bought one recently and she loves it! Comfy, capable and relatively easy to use around Melbourne. From all the research that I have done and am currently doing I can see that they are extremely comfortable for long km's, excellent offroad, but tend to have a few issues, like all cars have.

Pajero was known for input shafts coming out when flexed. New Ford Everest has had some gearbox issues, fit and finish issues and some oil leaks on pre 50,000km seals. Nissan Pathfinder R51 has similar reliability "concerns" as the D3 and D4 where most members of groups aren't happy to take them too far off the beaten path. (have been a silent member of many of the facebook groups for last 6 months just watching for trends in questions and repairs).

I've owned 2 x Toyotas, a LN106 HiLux single cab which was awesome, but required a diff seal and exhaust to be redone (considering what I did to that thing on the beach I'm surprised that was all hahaha) and a HZJ75 series Troopy (that thing was ridiculously good) but the seal in the gearbox between the transfer case and the main box disintegrated and was a quoted $2500 fix. It also had the rear main seal go and was always using oil. And far out do Toyotas rust! Both unit could have easily blown away with a stiff breeze. I bought the Troopy for $20k and sold it 5yrs later for $6k because it was going to cost too much to get it back up to speed again. Chassis rust, body rust, gearbox and engine seals.... $$$$!

Everything has it's something, it's just how prepared you are to deal with it. As someone mentioned, preventative maintenance on the D3 and D4 seems to be key to reliability, as it should be on most cars.

Thanks for making this thread though. It has convinced me that i'll be chasing a D4 for my next car