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So all went well with the timing belts today in and out in about 8hrs and both belts have been change. Checked the front engine seal and no problem there either.

Have been looking at the tires all day and have decided to go with the BFG KO2 275/65/18, hopefully i can get the spare to fit under the car after the upgrade.

Heading down to Automac Transmissions in the morning to talk to them about the transmission cover and filter upgrade, might swing past TJM and grab a redarc towpro and then Jaycar to see if i can sort something for the head unit and lack of Bluetooth music streaming.<br><br>Few other things i want to do next week are:

  • duel batteries
  • fit the Johnson rods (if they ever turn up)
  • fit 2way - have a old GME4500tx of one of my old cars that i want to fit
  • Mitch Hitch - if i can find a second hand one
Yep, it will fit. I have 275/65r18 Nitto ridge grapplers tucked in there. Donít need to remove heat shield, donít need to grind the tow thingy. Just deflate.