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Thread: New defender...err discovery?

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    Yeah my old TD5 Defender was definitely a real off-roader and a very practical vehicle. I think part of what made it so was that I didn't mind scratching it and bashing it around the bush. The D3, which I also love, is in my opinion just as good off-road but I don't have the desire to scratch it up. They're both off-road vehicles but one had a more rugged exterior and the other is much prettier. Both great vehicles in many ways, but I prefer the D3 in most ways eg comfort, ride, space, air-conditioner, cabin noise, safety, washers and wipers that work, no drips on the feet when raining, door seals which seal etc etc.

    I think the new Defender is an absolute win, spot on. It'll do everything asked of it and do it with style. Still wont want to scratch it though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by scarry View Post
    That 150KG is UK spec only.
    It will be 350KG in Aus,they have said.

    Fuel tank size is disappointing,and as I said on another post,there isnít the luxury of making room for an aftermarket one by relocating the spare.
    Thanks for putting me straight. Thatís a relief. I think one of these will end up in my garage!

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    Following for the last year as well with interest the concept of the Ineos Grenadier project. 1 Tonne load carrying, 3.5 Tonne towing. Might be an alternative to the new Defender?

    The Ineos Grenadier will be a no-nonsense, British 4x4 | Top Gear

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