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Thread: 2.7TDV6 Restricted Power

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    My money is on high pressure fuel pump. They’re a common failure around these parts
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    Well my indy did the fuel bleed off test (if that's what you call it) from the injectors today and all injectors were within LR's tolerance although at the upper end of the margin, so inconclusive there. All injecters were with in a millilitre or so of each other, so consistent as well. They changed an injector with a new one and repeated the test, again the result didn't change much, similar fuel return as with the old injectors.

    Just after I bought the car 6 years ago I had the performance upgrade done to the ecu, so don't have a before and after comparison, but it was decided to remove the power upgrade and see if the performance restriction occurs, which will have to wait till we head to SA over xmas to see if there issue still occurs on the hills.

    A few people have mentioned the HPFP, but the issue has been with the car for 6 years now, not getting worse or better. I think if the HPFP was on the way out the problem would be getting worse.

    Anyway a bit of an update, but no real progress. Thankfully no money spent yet.



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