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    Quote Originally Posted by DiscoJeffster View Post
    My AC was fixed with a new displacement valve in the compressor rather than a whole new compressor (but I obviously donít know why yours isnít working).
    Mine had a new compressor which was good for a couple of years until it started the long delay to start cooling and then it started reducing cooling to mildly cool in hot weather, but cooled properly in cooler weather. I had a new valve installed, which didn't fix the problem and when I got it properly checked out a few weeks ago the gas was contaminated, requiring the major rebuild to fix properly. The other 2010 D4 that was being fixed at the same time as mine had exactly the same issue, a new compressor and then new valve with the problem persisting. Apparently they also did another one in the same week with the same issues.

    Hopefully your new valve does the trick for a long time and saves you a heap of money.

    My RH rear door open sensor has now got an intermittent fault, causing the alarm to go off randomly. The bonnet open sensor is also faulty but I have disconnected that thinking it would fix the alarm. However, no such luck. They are the first electrical issues other than the rear hatch catch to go wrong. I am now driving with no EPB, no air con and I can't lock the car. That is how it will stay for the foreseeable future!!

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    I shouldnít laugh but lol

    Yes many compressors these days are pinching themselves and all the aluminium and seal gets pumped though the system contaminating it. VAG group renowned for it
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    Interesting read. My old D3 TDV6 will be 13 in August, 259,161 km so far.

    Has had HP fuel pump replaced under warranty.
    Compressor replaced by the new version under warranty
    Numerous front LCA over the years
    Offside front wheel bearing
    CV joints
    timing belts - engine destroyed itself not long after so do the maths on that. Low km Territory engine fitted @ $13k though that included new silicon intercooler hoses, coolant Y manifold, new washer tank and new radiator core & aircon re-gas
    Brakes and rotors, will be upgrading it to the V8 rotors as soon as the parts arrive.
    Transmission flushed and steel pan with new filter under warranty by LR dealer
    I have have since done a triple flush, new filter, new valve body seals, pump bridge seal and mechatronic plug seal myself

    Transmission will need to be reconditioned and new new torque converter at some point but trying to delay that as long as possible.
    Front diff has developed a whine so that will need work
    Needs new airstruts as it still has originals - will do that myself
    I replaced sway bar bushes and trailing links myself 2 years ago.

    It is worth nothing to sell but cost to buy a new vehicle if I could find something comparable is prohibitive, so I will keep it going for a few more years as I like the vehicle and it serves my needs well.

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