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Thread: Tyre pliers for D4 tyre removal?

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    Quote Originally Posted by chw View Post
    The temp of the day may not have helped as I'm sure the soap/water solution was drying not long it was applied.
    Use liquid soap neat - dish-washing detergent or non-abrasive hand cleaner.
    Also a hose can be connected between the tyre to be inflated and another fully-inflated tyre with its valve core removed to supply air quickly for quite a while, which also allows the un-inflated tyre to be moved about to get a seal. Have a spare valve core though for the donor tyre!
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    I have used an R&R bead breaker a number of times on various vehicles including a Disco 3 and it works a treat,however re-seating the disco tyre was impossible (used ratchet strap,bounced,hit with heavy hammer,swore ) until ,with much care poured a very little bit of petrol into the rim and lit with a bit of lighted paper-BOOM-tyre re-seated.The guy who showed us the method said it worked much better (safer if that's possible ) with aero start or similar. I only use this method if absolute necessary.

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