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Thread: Oily film in coolant overflow reservoir - 2.7 D3.

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    Oily film in coolant overflow reservoir - 2.7 D3.

    I have a MY 08 Disco 3 with 2.7 (280k) which has been most reliable over the past 6 yrs of ownership, with the only problems being HPFP and air compressor in the last 12 months. Both of which I replaced myself( and yes I needed an extra elbow on each arm whilst doing the HPFP).
    My situation is that I have only just noticed some dark discolouration on the overflow reservoir walls and a slight oily film on top of the coolant.
    My greatest fear is a head gasket problem but at the moment there is no bubbling coming up thru the reservoir and oil level is steady and temps are fine even after a recent trip over 1200ks over the last week.
    My question is "has anybody had a similar issue and are there any suggestions as to what may be the problem"? Is there any way of confirming my suspicions without first stripping down the engine?

    Hope someone can give me an idea or two.

    Regards, Pete

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    Oil cooler?

    460cixy has just replaced the cooler in his after having that issue.

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    Oil cooler, do it NOW ! You don't want to be replacing the whole set of cooling system hoses
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    Yup cooler for sure can be done in the driveway in a couple of hours. If it gets serious all the hoses will be rooted

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