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Thread: WHERE HAS MY THREAD GONE?..General Rules & Find You Tube Videos ... PLEASE READ

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    Exclamation WHERE HAS MY THREAD GONE?..General Rules & Find You Tube Videos ... PLEASE READ

    There are three posts on this page that deal with a number of items including where to see or put up You Tube videos of D3/D4/RRS on Aulro. Please read down the page thank you.

    If you can not find your post or thread please read the following list BEFORE contacting a moderator
    Quote Originally Posted by Reasons for missing post/thread

    1. Your post/thread was in breach of the AULRO Conditions of Access.
    2. Your post/thread was blatantly rude, offensive, insulting, racist or slanderous in the moderators opinion.
    3. Your post/thread was in breach of the AULRO Advertising Policy.
    4. Your post/thread was a personal attack on a user and you have probably also received an Infraction or Warning.
    5. Your post/thread was in the wrong forum and has probably been shifted to the correct area ... go check the AULRO Forums for the correct area.
    6. Your post/thread was a 'For Sale' or 'Wanted' advert and has been deleted ... Please repost in the Markets.
    7. Your post/thread was a 'What's it Worth' question

      • If you are asking because you're selling something than this is an advert (see Point 6.)
      • If you're asking because you are looking at buying something, then all is probably okay and not been deleted.

    8. Your post/thread was deemed inappropriate by a moderator and has been deleted ... if you do not agree; click in the top right of this post to alert the moderators.
    9. Your post/thread was 'duplicated' in multiple areas and has either been merged into the one thread in the correct forum OR had the duplicates deleted if no replies.
    10. Your post/thread did not abide by the Ron clause.

    This list can be updated at any time at the prerogative of the AULRO Administrators and Moderators.

    Thanking you in advance for your cooperation in helping AULRO run as smoothly as it does.

    AULRO Administrators and Moderators.

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    Arrow Could all forum users have a read, please...

    Hello all

    Just a few things to keep this forum running smoothly:

    If you're thinking of asking a question
    1. Please read the FAQ first:

    2. A good idea is to do a specific search .... click on the link below to do a search.

    Australian Land Rover Owners

    New users are most welcome to ask something or just say g'day, we're a friendly bunch here. Topics just need to be related to these model vehicles, by the way we don't mind a bit of humour and ribbing either.

    Please also read the general terms and conditions:

    Conditions of Access to this Forum

    Buying and selling
    Don't post any for sale or wanted here, please keep all that to the Markets:
    Main Index - AULRO Classifieds

    Help update the FAQ
    So far:

    rmp, Mal_W, WhiteD3, ahilliar, sniegy, drivesafe, chuck, scouse, tote, CaverD3, Camel_Landy, Jamo, Dingmark Jim, WhiteD3, Tote, ADMIRAL, Dave128

    have all contributed. You don't need to be an expert, simply nominating a thread you find useful, or basic information is all that's needed to contribute. Of course, if you are able to write something in-depth so much the better. For example, the classic Sand Driving thread is included as a reference in the FAQ. There are others, nominate them or provide an edited summary please.

    AULRO does not permit advertising unless you are a paid vendor. This include mentioning commercial websites in your sig, or usernames reflecting a business such as "BloggsLandieParts". You have a choice; participate as a private individual with no mention of the business, or come in as a vendor and advertise away.

    The Stories Thread
    The irrepressible DiscoSaffa started posting about his D3 experiences. You can read them here, and contribute your own. This was a request to be made a sticky and it has been, and that also illustrates the point this is your forum, the mods just run it on your behalf so ideas are welcome (and even better, the will to help make it happen).

    Post them here and they will be answered, or private-message any moderator of this forum or General Chat.

    See below for an example
    of where a bit of searching has turned up the answer.
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    If you are looking for or wanting to put up You Tube videos of D3/D4//RRS then please click on this link.

    D1 V8 (Gone)
    D2a HSE V8 (Gone)
    D3 HSE TDV6
    D4 V8



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