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Thread: Towing a heavy camper - tow ball weight

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pedro_The_Swift View Post
    All the modern tow stuff is 3.5T rated,, toungues, balls, couplings,
    Are there alternatives Gav?
    Yep eg I have a double ended Titan Rapid Hitch that I bought over 10 years ago. The 50mm end is rated for 3.5K kgm and from memory the 70 mm at the other end was something between 4.5 and 6K kgm. It came as a 2 piece unit with a solid bar that slotted into a 50 mm square receiver and had adjustable heights in addition to turning over between the 50 and 70 mm tongue balls.
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    For what itís worth, the Westfalia hitch on my US 2007 RRSC is rated to 7700 lbs tow weight and 770 lbs tow ball load ( i.e. 3500 and 350 kg respectively). If the Australian cars use the same tow bar, I am unsure why they would be rated any differently. Itís obviously not a problem for the tow bar.

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