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Thread: M62 V8 - Don't leave the oil filler cap off!

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    M62 V8 - Don't leave the oil filler cap off!

    On Friday, after a 500km run up to Dungog and back (to pick up an engine) I checked the oil in the L322 and did a small top up.

    Unfortunately, I forgot to put the filler cap back on. I didn't drive far - just moved it about the backyard. After I'd moved it, I put a oil drip tray underneath and went inside.

    The next day I was shocked to see the drip tray had over a cup of oil in it (measured when draining it). I opened the bonnet to check for this massive oil leak and found the front of the engine and the engine bay were covered in oil. The oil filler hole is, unlike earlier Rover V8 engines, directly over the timing chain. Running the engine caused the chain to throw oil out of the filler hole.

    Fortunately, I didn't drive to or from Dungog like that - I think it would have been a disaster.

    As it was, the trip had hassles. Three of the four ratchet straps were cut through by the time I'd reached East Gresford (28km) and the fourth was almost cut through. Two had disappeared. Luckily, I had some other straps and was able to cobble together a method to hold the engine down but I did treat tight corners (Putty Rd) somewhat gingerly. If the engine had come out of the trailer, there would have been no way I could get it back in.
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    Ron they're supposed to mark their territory from underneath not from the top.

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