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Thread: 2007/08 TDv8 hidden menus

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    2007/08 TDv8 hidden menus

    Hi Guys
    I've fitted an aftermarket reverse camera, it 'works' but looks like the camera is NTSC and the screen is expecting PAL (or other way).

    I would like to get into the menu seen in the below link to try and set the screen to NTSC:


    They are in a 2005 car - I've seen several people using this same method but it doesn't work in my Aug'07 built car. I can access a menu from the Nav screen but that only gives diognostics of the Nav setup - Any ideas on how to see the camera inputs menu?

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    The factory camera is NTSC, so you need an NTSC camera or one of those "universal" ones.

    I'm not aware of any permanent fix to make the screen accept a PAL reverse camera input, those diagnostic menu functions are reset after an ignition cycle.
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