Thanks for the suggestions and offer to see what you have. Am in North Yorkshire so while had intended to be back for a holiday in August 2021 to visit universities in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra not so sure that will happen now

Think I was lucky to turn up something at the right price and condition so quickly. Had allowed myself until March next year for the search. There was a short list of 3 within 100 miles of me. 2 diesel and 1 petrol. The other diesel was a 2010 40th anniversary autobiography black edition. A check on the insurance costs ruled that one out as it was 30% more expensive to insure that the one I bought. Both priced the same with similar miles. Not sure why as spec is very similar to the one I bought. One of those mysteries of the opaque world of insurance

Have spoken to my garage who advised me to stay with the current wheels as if I change can have problems with insurance. Have to notify of the modification and most will refuse as do not cover modified vehicles. So needing a specialist insurer when have just paid for 12 months cover most of which I would not get back if cancelling

For an ATR tyre need to change the wheels as for this size wheel only have all season road and light snow rated tyres that will fit. From their customer feed back the Pirelli Zero can do OK in muddy tracks just do not expect it to be an ATR tyre in these conditions

For tyres they recommended the Pirelli Scorpion zero. This is what they say 80% of similar Range Rovers are on around here. Alternatives were Michelin Latitude or Cooper Cross Contact.