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Thread: some thing about nothing

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    some thing about nothing

    When I got the engine going some time ago, I had no warning lights come on
    After about 600 km, I discovered I had a fuel leak
    I jacked the right side of the car up and eventually fixed the fuel leak
    Since then, the red brake light and the abs light comes on, some times after 15km or some times while I am reversing out of my place,
    I thought I should change the oil and filter in the gear box, as I don’t know when it was last done, if ever.
    I have done 500km since then and the lights have never come on.
    The air bag light started to come on and now its on most of the time
    The GAP tool says it’s the “seat occupancy sensor”
    I have located the sensor but getting it out is another thing, looks like I might have to remove the seat.
    I bought a jaguar last week (a car, not a cat) oil in the coolant, the fun continues
    L322 vogue M62 RR 2005 4.4 petrol
    Any spelling mistakes are the fault of spellchecker
    Previous MG J2, CITROEN light 15 x 2 gone unfortunately
    Present MERC 180e, RANGE ROVER L322, JAGUAR XJS, MERC 280SE, MG F, JAGUAR S-Type

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    Do you like punishment??

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    Before you pull the seat out, just check under the seat for pinched or frayed wires. Some cars I've seen were very tidy and others were a mess under the seats !


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